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"Rebirth" 7 Chakra Tree of Life earrings 

by Moonmalas

"Rebirth" 7 Chakra Tree of Life earrings by Moonmalas

A gorgeous 7 stone Chakra Tree of Life earrings from Moon malas store.

🌳 Tree of life is a symbol of REBIRTH, for many is a symbol for a fresh start on life, good health and a brighter future - and who can disagree with that?

For those looking to remind themselves of a new start, opt for subtle pieces you can wear every day as a constant personal reminder to yourself "I am here,I am strong,I am beautiful, I am align!!"

Tree of Life earrings also represents:

A link between heaven and Earth that connects all forms of creation

A symbol of connection to one another and a greater life force

Positive Earth energy

Inspiration, hope and harmony embodied in Mother Nature

A totem symbolising the seven four elements: air,ether, water,wood

🌙❤If you have a passion for timeless beauty and traditional jewellery designs these unique earrings are for YOU❤🌙

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