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Patience & Peace moon mala double bracelet

Patience & Peace moon mala double bracelet

"Patience & Peace"  double bracelet.Use these White Howlite and Hematite gemstone beads to bring about mindfulness during your meditation practice, or simply for daily wear, awareness, compassion, self-soothing, and gratitude.
Howlite promotes patience and peace. It relieves stress and anxiety while it calms an overactive mind and assists with meditation & spiritual connection. Howlite helps and eases sleep patterns and increases understanding & patience.
Black Hematite is known to reduce stress, negative emotions and blood pressure disorders. Magnetic hematite is also known to regulate the blood flow in the body and help cure and relieve headaches.
!!! Magnetic hematite jewellery is not recommended for pacemaker users or during pregnancy!!!
*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.
Matte White Howlite and Hematite gemstone beads double bracelet,
is handmade with genuine 10mm hematite and 8/10 mm howlite stones  beads. Elasticated on very strong elastic string,which means you can wear this bracelet every day and not worry about it breaking. 

Extra small size:  14cm /5.5"
Small size: 15cm / 6"
Medium size: 16cm  / 6.5"
Large size: 17 cm / 7"
Extra large size: 18 cm/ 7.5"
XXLarge size: 19cm/8"
Please measure around your wrist with  flexible tape and look up to the SIZE GUIDE or visit the page for more details.
  • Care instruction

    Your Moon mala bracelet/necklace should be cleaned monthly to remove any negativity. To cleane your beads place in the sunlight or moonlight for several hours or pass them through the smoke of white sage. Avoid abrasive equipment and chemicals,perfume. Magnetic Hematite Products, should be removed before you shower, bathe, swim or washing your hands. Chlorine or salt water may damage your magnetic hematite products. Do not put magnetic hematite products in any type of jewelry cleaner or jewelry cleaning machines.

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