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"Spirit of Yoga" 108 mala  necklace

"Spirit of Yoga" 108 mala necklace

"Yoga spirit" 108 beads  mala  necklace is handmade buy me using Rudraksha seeds ,finished with guru bead and green colour silk tassel to remind us of the teachers in our lives.
I made this for myself to help me on my journey as a yoga teacher and only later on i deside to sell it  in my online shop.
This is a very special piece of jewelry created to be used during meditation practice, or as a worry beads, prayer beads or for daily affirmation or  as a beautiful statement piece with any outfit.
Rudraksha seeds possess beneficial electro-magnetic properties bearing a unique and special vibration. When worn continuously  they can protect against negative energies having absorbed the wearers own individual energy.  Also wearing the rudraksha  allows the energy to flow over the body as the beads are known as vitality seeds.
Wearing Rudraksha seeds against the skin it is believed to:
increase the ability to focus
give clarity and peace of mind
improve memory
relieve stress and anxiety
increase stamina
strengthen the heart
balances the nervous system
increase abundance and prosperity.

Affirmation to use with this mala:
📿🙏🤍 " I am enough " ✨
*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.
  • Care instruction

    Get a bowl of warm water and a soft tooth brush.
    Gently brush your beads with the warm water then, place it on a cloth and pat it, to absorb the excess water.After that, let your mala dry in sunlight,before wearing it again.Do not wash them with soap or any cleaning material.  The colour of the Rudraksha seeds  may  fade away by the time  and it is perfectly normal as these are natural beads.

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