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"Timeless Soul" necklace (Watermelon)

"Timeless Soul" necklace (Watermelon)

"TIMELESS Soul"....flower of life pendant necklace @moonmalas_inga 
"We come whirling out of NO-THING-NESS, scattering stars like dust.
The Stars made a circle and in the middle, we dance"
 – Rumi
Watermelon crystal with Flower of life silver colour engraving on black adjustable wax cord.
The meaning of the Flower of Life symbol represents the journey of creation from NO-THING to Everything. This is the journey from the experience of time (personal) to the experience of the TIMELESS (Soul)
It is the journey of flowering the fulness of who you are created to become. The result is the Flower of Life 🌺
#sacredgeometry #floweroflife #floweroflifemandala #handmadejewelry #stardust #watermelloncrystal #yoga #chakrahealing #reikienergy #quartzmandala
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