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"Earth &  Moon" Bostwana double bracelet

"Earth & Moon" Bostwana double bracelet

A beautiful handmade Botswana Agare energy bracelet with 8mm gemstones featuring unique moon charm bead in the middle.

🌏🌕Botswana Agate is the key to opening your mind up to an abundance of knowledge just waiting to be grounded and used towards one's life path.

This is a stone synonymous with stability and can be especially useful for when you are feeling stagnant. Rather than shift a load of energy, the gentle nurturing spirit of Botswana Agate helps you find purpose and power. Botswana Agate is a slow burn, it’s the flickering fire of composure and maturity and brings the whole self into a state of equilibrium.

Please measure your wrist before ordering.

Available erist sizes

MEDIUM 16cm around the wrist

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