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Altar decoration Goddess

Moon Goddesse altar figurine 🌙✨️

🌀🐚This stunning Moon Goddess altar figurine is a true work of art. Handmade from high-quality air dry clay, this figurine embodies the feminine power and energy of the Moon Goddess. Perfect for use as an altar decoration, this figurine is both strikingly beautiful and deeply symbolic. Whether you're a pagan practitioner or simply someone who appreciates the power of nature, this Moon Goddess figurine is the perfect addition to your collection. Let the gentle glow of the moon goddess bring peace, prosperity, and power into your life. ✨️🌙Moon Goddesse is handmade, air dry clay goddess figurine, with raised arms and a spiral motif with one bead of Turquoise in her abdomen to represent pure and uplifting energy.

She is designed to lay flat on your altar. Each goddess is lovingly hand made by Inga ✨️🌙

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