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🌌"Ametrine Moon"🌙 bracelet by Moonmalas_inga

🌌"Ametrine Moon"🌙 bracelet by Moonmalas_inga

This sunshine yellow and lilac purple bracelet is an eye catching unique gemstone combination of 
💜Amethyst 8mm  beads
💛Citrine bracelet 6mm beads
 It's strung on strong stretchy cord for a comfortable fit for your wrist.
 🟡Citrine is a gemstone of light, happiness and prosperity. Emanating the warm energy of the sun, this crystal is energizing and is known to inspire joy and prosperity. It is said that citrine does not hold negative energy so therefore it does not need to be cleansed. 
🟣The calming stone of Amethyst is a natural stress reliever and is said to promote balance, peacefulness, contentment and happiness. This semi-precious stone is known to calm and soothe the mind and emotions. Wearing an amethyst bracelet is a great way to carry the calming energy around with you wherever you go.

Extra small size:  14cm /5.5"
Small size: 15cm / 6"
Medium size: 16cm  / 6.5"
Large size: 17 cm / 7"
Extra large size: 18 cm/ 7.5"
XXLarge size: 19cm/8"
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