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💛Passion Moon 🌙  bracelet by Moonmalas_inga (unisex)

💛Passion Moon 🌙 bracelet by Moonmalas_inga (unisex)

Yellow / Blue Tigers Eye is a stone known to bring stability and inner calm to anyone who wears it.
It will also increase your motivation, determination, and willpower, guiding you in the direction that you need to go to make your dreams come true.
💛Passion Moon malas bracelet is conected to Sacral chakra it will help release your fears and clear all blockages that prevent you from achieving success, wealth, and abundance.💛
Is perfect for anyone who feels stuck in a rut and cannot move forward.
"know what I want and I go after my goals and dreams! Whenever in doubt, I turn to my tiger spirit animal and it transforms my fears into courage"
Extra small size:  14cm /5.5"
Small size: 15cm / 6"
Medium size: 16cm  / 6.5"
Large size: 17 cm / 7"
Extra large size: 18 cm/ 7.5"
XXLarge size: 19cm/8"
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