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Sun & Paw 🐾 bracelet

Sun & Paw 🐾 bracelet

🧡Calling all cat mums and dog lovers! Gift the animal obsessed person in your life the paw-fect present with this adorable animal inspired a bracelet 🐾

Combination of Sun stone & statement paw bead for those who need to bask in the warmth, feel light spill in their life, and who find themselves way more energized in the softer months than the dark winter nights.

🧡 The Sunstone is here to ensure you keep a piece of endless summer close by. With its golden orange warmth, sparkling layers, and iridescent style when caught in the light, Sunstone embraces its kinship with the great ball of fire in the sky, echoing its lifegiving properties and glorious feeling that everything is going to be ok.

🐾Bead with this cute paw is a heart of the perfect symbol for your love of your pet.


Extra small size: 14cm /5.5"

Small size: 15cm / 6"

Medium size: 16cm / 6.5"

Large size: 17 cm / 7"

❗️Note the healing crystal meanings are for spiritual support and are NOT prescriptions or health care information.❗️

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