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Harness the power of crystal energy

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

*Note: The properties of healing stones should not be considered as healthcare information.

Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years to shift the energy

of mind, body, and spirit. Based on principles of both physics and

metaphysics, crystal healing promotes positive change in the human energy




A crystal is a mineral with a regularly repeating molecular structure.

Most crystals form inside the earth during a process called nucleation,

in which intense heat and pressure cause their molecules to form a three-

dimensional lattice structure—like a blueprint. This geometric arrangement

forces the crystal’s molecules to take on the most stable form possible by

repeating this pattern until the crystal is fully formed.

Crystals are more than just matter and molecules. The perfect, stable structure of

a crystal represents the balance and harmony that most people seek in their own

lives. As gifts from the earth, healing crystals are symbols of balance and

perfection from which you can begin your own transformation into the whole,

healthy, balanced being you’re meant to be.

Crystals have always been credited with possessing magical power. It also describes

the awe and reverence with which they were handled. Magic isn’t mere

superstition—it is the foundation for the experimental sciences that the modern

world values so highly. Without magic we would not have medicine, astronomy,

literature and drama, chemistry, mathematics, music, mythology, and perhaps

even religion itself.

Crystals have been used in medicine as amulets and as spiritual and psychic tools since time immemorial. Jade has been found in prehistoric tombs, as well as black obsidian shaped into mirrors . Amber was also highly prized and routes were established across Europe for trade in amber.

History of Crystals

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans also used crystals in their medicine and mythology. The planets were believed to be ruled by certain stones, plants and animals. The crystals were used to create magical talismans to fortify the wearer with the characteristics of that planet.


Almost every one of the world’s religions, every shamanic culture, almost every

belief system the world over, uses descriptions such as “we are beings of light,” “we come from the light,” “we go back to the light,” “lead us to the light,” “divine light” that is within everyone, “enlightenment,” “to find the light,” “let there be light,” “festival of light,” “Buddhas of light,” “inner light,” “light of divine consciousness,” “illumination on the path,” “cross of pure light,” and “light of the

human soul” we are beings of light just like a crystals.

Because of their internal crystalline lattice, crystals are able to absorb and

transmit light. This property, called refraction, allows crystals to draw in

universal light energy, to reflect and refract it within their structure, and then

transmit it back into the universe. All crystals are natural amplifiers of energy and assist personal healing by magnifying both the universal light energy that

surrounds them as well as your intention for using them, and it is this that makes

them such powerful healing tools.

Templates of Light and Good Vibrations

Each crystal has its own unique energy signature. These “templates of light”

are encoded with all you need to activate your own power. The key is to find a

crystal that is attuned to your own personal energy.

Each crystal has its own unique vibrational frequency, just as each person has

their own energy vibration; the interaction you have with a specific crystal will

be unique to you. You may find that you connect deeply with some crystals but

not with others.

Emotional and Mental Healing

Crystals are especially powerful when used alongside the subtle energies of our moods and emotions. Crystals provide a steadying balance when we are working our way through an emotional time. In the history of crystals, this is perhaps their most treasured and significant role – as aids to balance and re-center emotional and spiritual healing. And it’s no coincidence that in the present day we look to crystals to provide support in these areas as well.

Because of their consistent electric energy, crystals can facilitate clear thinking and can help diffuse discordant energy and atmospheres so that you can find deep calm and inner peace.

Talismans and Amulets

The use of talismans and amulets dates backs into pre-history, and we have no clear way of knowing exactly what and why certain crystals were used. Baltic Amber, Mammoth tusks, shark’s teeth and shells were used alongside crystals as amulets to ward off negative energies.

The most widely used crystal amulet is turquoise, which is valued across the Tibetan, North American, Asian and Eastern European traditions. Turquoise has many unique properties, and it’s colour is naturally associated with rain, water and the sky. Turquoise tends to change colour as it ages, lending it an almost organic life-likeness, so that appears to age alongside us. Jade is eternally popular in China, where it is endowed with a magical ability to resonate prosperity and health – as well as being simply beautiful. Red carnelian for different reasons is associated with fire and the universal force that permeates all things.

The Power of Colour

The power of color was first noted by the ancients and became an integral

part of the magical healing processes by which imbalances were rectified and

harmony restored. In 1878, Edwin D. Babbitt suggested color had therapeutic

properties that could be applied in healing.

Crystal workers, though, simply utilize crystals of the appropriate color based

on the ancient correspondences.

• Pink and peach stones heal emotional imbalances and gently energize

your system.

• Red gems energize more forcefully and resonate with the reproductive

system. Red also aids blood-related and inflammatory conditions.

• Orange is a mental and creative energizer, stimulating personal power and

resonating with the Leydig gland above the testes, a seat of kundalini


• Yellow and gold stones are mental and nervous system stimulators; they

resonate with neurotransmitters, the adrenal glands, and intestines, and

balance your mind and emotions.

• Green is calming and associated with the heart, eyes, and thymus gland.

• Blue-green resonates with the subtle levels of being and opens

metaphysical abilities.

• Blue resonates with the throat and thyroid gland, and has a tonic effect.

• Indigo has mystical qualities; it resonates with the pineal gland, but also

effects mental healing.

• Violet and purple stones resonate with the pituitary, regulating metabolism

and regenerating the body. They also open you to higher awareness.

• Black and brown stones detoxify and ground energy, protecting the body

from harm.

• Combination stones synergize the effects of the colors and constituents.

Color has been scientifically proven to affect human moods and emotions. By understanding how color influences crystal energy, you will be better able to select stones for specific healing techniques, to balance the chakra centers, and to create positive emotional shifts. You may use this information in several ways. For example, if you find yourself consistently being drawn to pink stones this may indicate that it is time for change and new beginnings, or it may indicate that you are naturally empathic and need support as you show your compassion to others. On the other hand, if you are offended or irritated by a particular color, it may indicate that you have something to work on in one of those associated areas. For example, if you really dislike the color orange, it may indicate that you need to find more emotional balance in your life or that you need to start expressing your creativity. Alternatively, you may use these colors to help you select a crystal for yourself.

The most valuable members of the mineral kingdom today are the precious gems used in the finest jewelry.


Healing jewellery is probably one of the best ways to wear crystals.

Range of healing jewellery, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Jewellery for healing has so many different crystals to choose from, to help with anxiety, insomnia, migraine, confidence, peace, protection, balancing and so much more.


One of the most beautiful ways you can be brought together with a special stone

is if it is gifted to you. Receiving a crystal as a gift amplifies the energy of the

stone because it is chosen and presented with love by someone else. When a

crystal is given to you, pay special attention and reflect on why it may have been presented to you at this time in your life. It can also be useful to ask the person

giving you the stone why they chose that specific crystal as their intuition may

have played an important role in the selection.

Intuition is the GPS of the soul

With care, your crystal jewellery should give you many years of pleasure to wear and protection.

If in doubt when you choosing your "Moon malas" jewellery – follow your own natural, psychic intuition and remember, a crystal is ‘not just a pretty face!’


Crystal blessings, Inga from "Moon malas"

Reference sources:

Book "101 Power Crystals" by Judy Hall

Book "Crystals for Energy Healing " by Ashley Leavy


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