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The Spiritual Symbolism of Colours in "Moon malas" beads

Have you ever noticed that you’re drawn to a specific item of clothing or a piece of jewellery not because of how it fits, but because of its colour?

That’s because colours are literally made up of different vibrations and wavelengths, and we are drawn to them based upon those frequencies. We can use these colour energies to our benefit in lots of ways.

So what exactly the colour of the beads means in your "Moon Mala" bracelets and necklaces? How to choose the right one?

Each handmade piece of "Moon mala" has a purpose, there is powerful healing and energies attached to every mala bead and the type of energy depends on the type and colour of mala bead.

So when you see beaded bracelet or necklace let your intuition guide you.

When or if you are naturally drawn to it, this is most likely the best option for you. If you selecting "Moon mala" for a gift for yourself or a friend, family member, yoga teacher and not sure where to start think about:

What is their favourite colour?

What type of goals are You/They currently working on in Your/Their lifes? Is it etc.

Success, love, overcoming worry, peace of mind, meditation.

Always follow your instict, which mala stands out to you when thinking of yourself or your gift recipient.

Also you may consider, when you choosing your own mala bracelet or necklace, how the stones and beads appeal to you, how does the colour or patterns makes you feel?

Colour carriers meaning for each of us and emotions have been associated with colours.

Based on what colour we choose can be a reflexion of our mental and emotional needs.

Based on what colour we choose can be a reflexion of our mental and emotional needs.

The Power of Red - is associated with power, passion, love, action, independence and physical energy. Red is warm colour attracting recognition and respect, red is the colour of good fortune. Encouraging joy, luck and money it promotes confidence and courage… and is very grounding. It has been known to escalate the body's metabolism with vibrancy and passion.

A Spark of Positivity with Orange - represents enjoyment, vitality, fun, luck, charm, creativity, optimism, achievement. Orange is warm colour strengthens the concentration and enhances the sense of purpose. It frees and releases the emotions, alleviating feelings of self-pity and low self-esteem. Orange stimulates the mind and is a good antidepressant. Green beads brings harmony - green is the colour of nature and one of those tones you look at and instant feel more relaxed. So, naturally, green colour "Moon malas" brings plenty of calming energies and healing properties in to your life.

Green is harmony, prosperity, balance, inner peace, nature, emotional stability, growth.

Green is cool colour but is peaceful and calming, refreshing, nurturing, balancing and normalising… It is a good colour for healing and health (physical, emotional and spiritual)... Green cleanses and balances our energy, to give a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony.

Blue mala beads bring out the positivity - blue colour beads are known for their genuine and peaceful energies. This colour brings safety and peace, while also helping you with self-expression. BLUE is loalty, true, tranquility, communication and general healing.

Blue is cool colour, relaxing and calming this is the colour of intellect and wisdom, peace and trust, represents adventure and exploration. Ideal for sleep problems and hyper-active beings.​

Yellow mala beads represents clarity and is linked with mental activity and creative inspiration that comes from a clear and open mind. Yellow is warm colour and

represents sunbeams, warmth, healing and motion. Also the colour of communication and health, cheerfulness and friendliness. Yellow aids memory and clear thinking, increasing self-confidence and optimism.

White colour mala beads are known as a colour of peace.

White is warm colour. Is the colour of purity, wholeness and the trustworthy? It calms the heart, mind, nerves and emotions. White is an all-round protective colour bringing peace and comfort.

Grey colour mala beads - it’s a balanced neutral colour. It represence both feminine and masculine qualities and is often associated with conservative, formal, sophisticated mood or style.

Grey is a cool, neutral, and balanced colour. Native American's often associate the colour grey with friendship. Is a great colour for calming and offering relief from a chaotic world.

Black colour mala beads - helps to boost confidents, and it has grounding energy. Black is a colour for emotional protection and power.

Silver beads are cool colour - this colour has a trustworthy and the romantic energy.

Pink colour mala beads - is a universal symbol of LOVE of oneself and of others. Pink represents affection, harmony, inner peace.The colour of pink it is emotionally soothing and calming, giving feeling of warmth and nurturing. It lessens feelings of irritation and aggression, surrounding wearer with a sense of love and protection.

Purple is a cool colour - and it is the colour of royalty. Like blue it is at the spiritual end of the colour spectrum and boost spiritual awareness. It is excellent for physical and mental healing.

Brown colour mala beads - is the colour of industry, being grounded and hardworking individual.

Beige colour beads - offers warmth of the colour brown and the some of the crisp and coolness of white. It is a neutral, calm, and relaxing colour which is dependable, conservative, and flexible.

Gold colour beads represents consciousness strengthens the body and spirit.

Multicolour malas channels multiple energies. Many mala bracelets and necklaces incorporate several different stones and crystal colours into the mix. This isn’t just for aesthetics only. Having multiple colours in your mala necklace means that you’ll be channelling several different colour energies so you receive a combination of healing energies from each.

If you still have any questions about selecting the right "Moon mala" beads feel free to ask!

Rainbow blessings

Inga :)


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