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WELCOME to the "Moon Malas" store!

I am so glad to have you here on my site.

"Moon malas" are a wonderful gift for those who would like to connect with nature, higher self and drop into the present moment. Every piece is unique, carefully created and handmade by me and every mala stores specific energy with it and has a unique meaning. 

Unique yoga inspired jewellery journey started in 2020 and was born from love to yoga and with intension to bring some mindfulness in to everyone's life🌙🤍

 "Moon malas" jewellery can be worn as a statement peace of jewellery around the neck or around the wrist or it can be used during the yoga, breathing and meditation practice to support positive changes in life and nourished the soul. 

Whatever your mission, we have plenty of spiritual jewellery to choose from!

Visit my shop store and choose the one which makes your soul happy.


(founder and creator of "Moon malas" store)

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