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Blooming Full Moon in May...time to release...reset...let go....🌸

Hey grumpy,

How was the last two days for you?? Full Moon Lunar Eclipse season is always "weighing down" feeling, emotionally,mentally, physically and energetically....Don't get caught up in feeling like you aren't doing enough instead comit to releasing what you actually want to release or get rid of.....

The energies of the May 5th Full Moon and Lunar eclipse are ramping up...

The Full Moon of May is named the "Flower Moon" to symbolize – you guessed it – all the flowers bursting into bloom right now. The last bit of frost is ending, and soil that was recently hard and cold is now bursting with life and possibilities.

This full moon is all about blossoming into your best self and reaching your highest potential. It’s a powerful reminder of the cycles of life and the importance of embracing change and growth. May’s Flower Moon signifies both fertility and healing.

This is the perfect time to create a space for yourself to reflect and celebrate your goals and achievements. It’s also an ideal time to get your manifestation mode on.

The Flower Moon in May is a spiritual reminder that our goals should be manifesting. This is the blooming season, but it’s also the planting season. Take some time to think about your intentions and what needs to be done in order to reach your goals come harvest season.

It's time to get your "Moon Journal" or the one from the "Moon Lodge" yoga session or just a piece of paper and start writing your intentions and manifestations. This may mean asking yourself some hard questions and reevaluating your priorities and plans.

Tap into the energy for growth and fertility.

It can help you with potent magic to manifest your goals, release inner turmoil, realize dreams.

Let's set the tone for the qualities that the Moon embodies: The Moon herself symbolizes our inner world, what happens in the dark, our unconscious, the hidden and habitual. "The Moon is an astonishing companion on the human journey. She both lights the way and invites us into the dark."

Use these examples to create and to release your intentions into the universe imagining them growing and developing into fully fledged manifestations.

When you're willing embrace change by clearing and releasing what is no longer serving you, you can ride these waves of ascension to bring the most vibrant possibilities for your life into alignment. Blooming Moon like this can bring sudden endings, changes, new revelations and transformative events urging us to release the old, and claim our power to create blessings in our lives as we step into a new direction. Its like there is a cosmic push now to help you make needed changes, and consciously expand so you can see what's in front of you in a new way.

With love and bright blessings,

Inga from "Moon Malas" & "Yoga inspired life"

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