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The Story behind the Moon Malas

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Meet Inga - the founder & creator of MOON MALAS,originaly from Lithuania,but for more than eighteen years she lives in the Northern Ireland.

Inga is a yoga teacher, holistic and sound therpaist,she has been teaching yoga and working as a relaxation and massage therapist for 1o years all together.

Her unique yoga inspired jewellery journey started in 2020 and was born from love to yoga and with intension to bring some mindfulness,positivity & healing in to everyone's life🌙🤍

"Moon malas" are yoga inspired beads jewellery, handmade with love & compassion,every mala stores specific energy with it and has a unique meaning.

Each mala it's handmade using high quality of natural materials like wooden beads,semi-precious stones or gemstones beads, silk ,cotton or hemp string. All materials are sourced from reputable suppliers all over the world.

Why I started to create my own Malas?

" I discovered malas when I started to teach yoga and through the years dove deeper into my yoga practice. I noticed both ancient and modern yogis would wear them around their neck or drape them over their hands. I got really curious so I began my research and discover the significance, purpose and hiden history of the malas. And since then I started to creating my own malas. I always find a sense of grounding and calmness whenever I make malas. There’s a very meditative and creative quality of time to making them.It's like a meditation and rlaxation process to me. After i created inaf for my friends and family i desided to share this with the other people! So that's how "Moon Malas" store was born! "

Why MOON malas?

"The Moon signifies wisdom, illusion, intuition and spiritual connection and feminine energy.

Moon is a beautiful reminder that we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again.

Each of the Moon Cycles looks different,so do "MOON MALAS", it has its own unique shape and can easily be spotted."

With a little message of affirmation,specific energy and bold style, these necklaces and bracelets reminds to be strong, graceful, imaginative, faithful,fearless,unique and whole.

Moon malas are a wonderful gift for those who would like to connect with nature,higher self and drop into the present moment and find the unity between heart and soul.

It can be worn as a statement piece of jewellery around the neck or around the wrist or it can be used during the yoga,breathing and meditation practice to support positive changes in life.

Choose your own mala you are visually the most attracted to and enjoy your intentional practices or wear as a reminder to live with love, passion, and intention.

Moon blessings



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