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Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.


This long Easter weekend i am going to focusse on living in the present moment, taking in everything through my senses: listening to the birds when outside walking, absorbing the sound of the sweet chorus of ujjayi breath during my morning yoga practice. I am going bserve the beauty surrounding me, from the vibrant colours of the flowers to the food on the table, from the smiles to the shapes our bodies can make during practice.

I hope that you all found time to rest, laugh and enjoy the Easter break: finding moments of gratitude, being with loved ones, exploring new places or just taking time to reflect.

Enjoy this my all time favourite Juicy Carrott Cake recipe this Easter. Without flour,butter,sugar or eggs!!!

Ingriedents you need:

1 Bannana

2 grated carrots

200g instant roller oats grounded (could be gluten free)

2 tbs sunflower seeds

2 tbs sesame seeds

150 g dried fruits such a dates and apricot

1 ts baking powder

Lemon zest,cinnamon, nutmeg,cardamon to taste

120 plant milk or water

Mix all dry ingredients first pour the liquid of your choice, the batter must be medium dry not too liquid.

Pour into your baking tray lined with non stick baked paper and bake for 40-45 min at 180 °C or 356 ° F.

Have a relaxing, uplifting, soulful Easter!!


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