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Ayurvedic Body Scrubs for Radiant Skin and Mind

This festive SPA ritual full of festive spirit and you can make it with all the ingriedents from your cupboard, or those you are using to bake your ginger bread cookies for Christmas eve.

This Winter body scrub with rice flour,ginger,nutmeg,cinamon,cardamon,star of anise will fill your body with energy, raise your mood or relax you after a stressful day.

Also it can be a soothing part of your skin-care regiment.

Body exfoliation has long been part of Ayurveda’s deep-cleansing philosophy.

On a physical level, daily light exfoliation can stimulate the skin, eliminate toxins more efficiently, and remove dead cells, it also helps clear the mind - in modern Western terms

"We might call this a symbolic cleansing, or note that mindfully carrying out a physical process, like body care, can have a meditative effect."

Āyurvedic dry brushing, called Garshana in Sanskrit, is a massage technique that utilizes friction to stimulate and clear toxins from the body.Body scrubbing is a highly effective way to purify your body and stimulate energy flow. It can also be an extremely mindful process to nourish and cleanse your body in your daily wellness routine.

Ayurvedic beauty treatments are gentle and natural—about as far from harsh chemical treatments as you can imagine.

“If you can’t eat it, do not put it on your skin. What is put on the skin should be filled with nourishment and safe enough to be taken internally.”

The use of body scrubs is most effective after the morning Yoga practice. Dry scrubing ritual that helps to promote lymphatic cleansing and helps support the natural process of detoxification in the body.

The Recipe:

White rice

pinch of each Nutmeg ,Cinnamon,Cardamon, Star of anise

Tea spoon Brown sugar or Himalayan salt

In a food processor place all the ingriedents grind on high-powered blender and blend into a fine powder.

Grab some oil,i would recommend black cumin oil,and your homemade DIY body scrub mixed into a paste and start your scrubing ritual with the soles of your feet, scrubimg in a circular motion. Move up the legs, then do the hands and move up the arms. Do your back and abdomen last. Avoid any irritated skin,abd then take a long, mindful shower.


Written by Inga Jungaitiene - a passionate yoga teacher, Relaxation - Sound Therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner who is sharing her practices in Northern Ireland for the last 10 years.

In her classes, she combines yoga philosophy, different relaxation techniques and her love for sound healing, using a variety of instruments to create a healing space, guiding her students along a journey of self care, self acceptance, self healing, self love.

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