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Happy New Year 2024

Excited to use the energy of a New Year to call in some prosperity and fresh beginnings? Me too! The opportunity for renewal that comes from starting a new year is massive. Channel some of this notable energy into some rituals for new years.

🤍Evening reflexion 🤍

"I say the Old Year farewell,

With gratitude for milestones passed,

And memories cherished.

And I welcome the New Year in

With love and warmth and blessings.

That the quality of this new year be assured,

I now dedicate a moment to visioning

Some ways to make this year

A year of excellence!!"

Happy NOW Year!!!May You leave the past behind and live NOW,enjoy the blank slate of the New Year ahead🤍~Inga

New Yoga classes resume from Tuesday 11th 2024!!!

So looking forward to seeing you all!

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