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Self-lOVE 💓

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Self-lOVE healing meditation
  1. Settle into a comfortable position. Lie down or sit up with your spine straight. Relax your shoulders. Take a few long, easy breaths in and out through your nose.

  2. Place your right hand over your heart.Close your eyes. Feel your heart beating in your chest. Here you are.

  3. With a steady inhale, let any thoughts melt into pure sensation as you turn inward. With a long exhale, your entire consciousness drops from your head into the open space of your heart. Witness this calm and quiet awareness.

  4. Feel the warmth of your hands, the subtle rising and falling of your chest. If any strong emotions, memories grabsyour attention, simply be here to witness them.Breathe into and through it all. Notice that your heart is big enough to hold everything.

  5. At the top of your next inhale, hold your breath for few seconds.While holding, listen and feel how your heart beats louder in your chest. The longer you hold, the louder your heartbeat will be.

  6. Release the breath and extend your exhale, making it longer and deeper audible sound HAAAAAAA. Repeat this exercise for a more few times , then return to normal breathing. Enjoy the synchronicity of breath and heart.

  7. Before you release the meditation, take a moment to sense your body back, how devoted to your existence it is.

💓Heartbeat by heartbeat, your body become rivers of life.

🌬Breath by breath, vitality reaches every cell that want you to keep alive ✨️

💓Use these affirmations and let these words sink into your being🙏✨️

Much love ❤️ Inga

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